Georgian Wine Hits TOP 20


Eric Asimov, an American wine critic and food critic for The New York Times published an article- “top 20 wines worth the search under $20“.  Even though Georgian wine is not (yet) as extolled in the United States as Italian or French wines,  Georgian dry-white “Rkatsiteli” still hit the list of top 20. The author selected the wines that are not easy to purchase in regular liquor stores but it is definitely worth going beyond these mundane places and discovering the wines that represent different cultures.

Along with Rkatsiteli the list comprised of Italian wine Malvasia, French- Beaujolais Nouveau, German Muskateller  and sixteen other tasty wines.

Asimov mentioned about Georgian wine:  “This unusual wine, made from the ancient rkatsiteli grape, comes from the republic of Georgia, a cradle of wine-making history. It is fermented and aged in a Qvevri, a traditional clay vessel lined with beeswax and buried in the earth. The result is a deep amber wine with a raspy texture, steely and full-bodied, with aromas and flavors of apples, herbs and nuts. (Terrell Wines, San Francisco)”



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