The ancient Georgian alphabet has been granted the national status of cultural heritage.

Courtesy of Wikimedia
                   Courtesy of Wikimedia

Georgian alphabet is described as one of the most beautiful and unique scripts in the world.

There are three types of Georgian scripts known at this current moment. The first scripts are used in the writings of the Georgian Orthodox Church both in lower and upper case letters, called Khutsuri, which means priests’ alphabet.

Second type of Georgian scripts is . Asomtavruli that is only written in capitals.

Mostly widespread and used in modern Georgian language is Mkhedruli, the cursive script.

In addition to the national status of cultural heritage, the Georgian alphabet has been named among the top five most beautiful alphabets in the world by international travel website, Matador Network.

Georgians are proud of their unique writing system, which comprises of 33 characters. It is the only alphabet in the world that is pronounced exactly the same way it is written. In addition to that all letters are unicameral; they make no distinction between upper and lower case.

Some scholars believe that the Georgian alphabet was created in the 4th Century AD, or at the latest in the early 5th Century.


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