Georgian Wine Tasting Evening


On March 26th 2015, the Young Ambassador of Georgia to the United States, Ioseb Jorjoliani, in cooperation with the Political Science Department hosted a Georgian Wine Tasting Evening at Washington and Jefferson College. The event aspired to promote Georgian wine culture and uniqueness of indigenous varieties of Georgian grape to a very eclectic audience, that comprised of American and foreign professors and students.


Ioseb Jorjoliani gave 10 minutes presentation on the potential of Georgian wine and the unique method of Kvevri wine-making. After Young Ambassador’s speech, four types of different varietals of wine were served, including: Mukuzani 2012 by Teliani Valley, Tvishi 2012 by Teliani Valley, Tsinandali 2013 by Teliani Valley and Mtsvane 2012 by Schuchmann. Guests enjoyed Georgian wine along with Georgian national food Megruli Khachapuri, (cooked by American Chefs). The event lasted about 3 hours and received about 60 guests.





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