About Us


Welcome to the homepage of the Georgian Youth Network. We are deeply honored to represent our country, the Republic of Georgia in the United States of America. Our Network was formed in January 2015 and serves as a helpful device for all Georgian and foreigner fellows who express their interest in issues related to Georgia. The network helps young Georgians to stay connected to each other both in USA and Georgia. Our Network gives our visitors an opportunity to meticulously observe the relevant issues related to Georgia and follow the students who study abroad in the United States.  The main aspirations of our network are the promotion of a Georgian culture in the United States and the guidance for the young Georgian students who plan to study abroad. Our members hold consultations for prospective students who are highly inspired to continue their studies abroad. If you plan to join our Network please e-mail j.jorjoliani [at] hotmail.com with your name, your school name and mobile phone number.