The Future Star of Georgian Basketball

nadiraGiorgi Nadiradze is a freshman at Davidson Community College. Nadiradze has been playing basketball since the age of ten. He always dreamed of becoming a professional basketball player and as it seems his dream is coming true. Besides playing basketball, Nadiradze studies Economics. He never loses faith and always shows huge commitment to his goals. “My aspiration is to get a great education, become a successful (hopefully the best) basketball player and make myself, my family, and friends proud.” said Nadiradze.

Not a lot of students get a chance to enroll at the American institution and play in NCAA, which is America’s prestigious basketball league. It is indeed fascinating how a twenty year old Nadiradze managed to settle in the United States without much adversities. “At first it was hard to stay away from my family but I knew that I needed to sacrifice something. Now it is not hard to be away from home. Because of the tough schedule, I don’t even have time to worry about stuff like that. Another thing that grasped my attention at the first sight was seeing how different United States was from the inside. It is not the same as it seems on the TV. A lot of small towns, poor people, deserted places. I always envisioned US as a densely populated and active country.”  commented Nadiradze about his first experiences in the States.

Nadiradze came to the United States all alone when he was eighteen and had recently graduated from Stuart Hall High School in Staunton, Virginia. “Basically I ended up here because of my High School back in Tbilisi, Georgia. I went to Private High School “Logos”, where my principle Giorgi Chavleishvili suggested to continue my studies in the United States, and I realized that it would be perfect for both, my studies and my basketball career.” replied Nadiradze.

nadira 12

Nadiradze’s plays point guard for his team. His position is much needed for the National Team of Georgia and he surely plans to play for the National Team if he gets a chance. “Georgian basketball is on the rise, it only makes me happy and I want to be the part of Georgian basketball to take over the basketball world.” mentioned Nadiradze. 

Nadiradze’s favorite players are Nate Robinson and Kobe Bryant. He wishes that one day he will be as esteemed as his favorite players, however he is never satisfied with the work he has done, he always strives for more. “I believe and would suggest to all the future students in the US that diligent work and wise time management surely pays off! So be meticulous in what you are striving for and never let success get to your head and never let failure get to your heart.” suggested Nadiradze.

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