Georgia wins Women’s World Team Chess Championship 2015

Georgia wins Women’s World Team Chess Championship 2015. Georgia finished the tournament, by defeating the host country and three-times world champions China. The determinant game of the match was Meri Arabidze’s fine victory on the second board. From the early opening stage the Georgian put a strong pressure on her opponent Shen Yang, won a pawn and went on to convert into full point.
Georgia received the gold medal with 17 match points.

Bela Khotenashvili was the best top board, scoring 7,5/9 points for a 2699-elo performance. Meri Arabidze was the 3rd best board with 6/7. China is third with 11 match points, claiming the bronze.
Still holding a hoping for Georgia’s failure in the final round, Russia put up a powerful performance against USA,  winning the match 3,5-0,5. Katerina Nemcova was the only to hold a draw, against the world championship finalist Natalija Pogonina. Olga Girya, playing as the 5th board, was the top performer of the event with 6,5/7 points or 92,9%.
Russia won the silver medal, with equal sum of individual points as Georgia, 25 each, but only 15 match points, having conceded ties to Kazakhstan and Armenia.



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